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in pool and home monitoring

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Would you like to check the quality of the water in your swimming pool?

cFloat monitors your pool water 24/7. Simply check it on your smartphone. Take control of your pool maintenance.

Do you know when it is safe to be in the sun?

cFloat measures the UV radiation around your pool in real time.

Is air quality an issue?

cFloat home analyses indoor air quality, temperature and humidity.

Extra fun in your pool?

cFloat measures the size of your cannonballs and
the quality of your dives.

Worried about safety?

cFloat adds a layer of protection in your swimming pool. It is equipped with a motion sensor that initiates an alarm in the cFloat Gateway when the cFloat Buoy detects unexpected movement in the swimming pool.

Be conscious of water evaporation.

cFloat estimates the water evaporation in your swimming pool.

Wireless charger

The cFloat Gateway also functions as a wireless charger for Qi compatible devices.

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