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Pool and home monitoring

Wireless device charger

cFloat buoy and gateway

cFloat is designed to collect key information to monitor your home, swimming pool and the surrounding environment. Data is stored in the cloud and accessible in real time on your phone.
The cFloat Buoy is also a motion detector. If it detects unexpected movement in the pool, an alarm sounds in the Gateway and a notification is sent to your phone. Additionally, the cFloat Gateway can charge your devices wirelessly through induction.


cFloat includes the cFloat Buoy, the cFloat Gateway and the cFloat App.

cFloat sensors
cFloat buoy
cFloat gateway
cFloat mobile App

Home monitoring

cFloat takes indoor measurements 24/7.This will help you maintain a comfortable temperature and save you energy and money.

Pool monitoring

cFloat monitors pool water and surrounding environment 24/7. You can quickly check it on your smartphone whenever and wherever you want.

cFloat mobile App
Canonball pool jump
cFloat buoy in the pool

Fun with cFloat

cFloat puts the fun in functionality.
It measures the quality 
of dives and the size of cannonballs.

blue ribbon bar
cFloat App in fun mode
cFloat Qi wireless charging a mobile phone

Wireless charger

You can charge your devices with the cFloat Gateway.

Dog in the swimming pool playing with a ball

Motion detector

cFloat alerts you if it detects unexpected movement in your pool. An alarm sounds in the cFloat Gateway and a notification is sent to your phone.

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