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The buoy is tilted? Is that normal?

A few degrees off level is normal - if it's more than that contact us - does the system otherwise work fine?

The gateway does not seem to be receiving information/data from the buoy...

First Reset your App - Reset your phone (or tablet) - Reset cFloat

If you have any difficulties in setting up your system, please contact us at so that we can schedule a call to help you complete it.

Helpful videos

Charge the cFloat Buoy's battery

Remove the sensors' protection

Power on the cFloat Buoy

Place the cFloat Buoy in the pool


How do I remove/ change the cFloat Buoy cap?

Turn the cFloat Shipping Cap counter-clockwise and pull it off the cFloat Buoy. Then attach the cFloat Pool Cap to the cFloat Buoy by rotating the cap counter-clockwise and pushing it.

Please watch this video:

How can I charge the cFloat Buoy? And how long will it take to charge?

The cFloat Buoy can be charged via the charger on the gateway. The cFloat Buoy is typically charged after approximately eight hours.cFloat charges overnight.

Please watch this video:

Which charger and which cable goes with the Buoy and the Gateway?

They are identical, they can be interchanged.

How does the cFloat pool alarm work?

When the buoy detects motion in the pool water and when the system detects that the buoy is out of the water, the cFloat gateway triggers an alarm. Additionally, a notification is sent to the connected devices.
cFloat is an important safety addition to your swimming pool. However, cFloat by itself is not a lifesaving device and does not take the place of proper adult supervision and intervention when the alarm sounds. We recommend the use of multiple layers of protection.


Activity in the swimming pool will not be detected if the cFloat buoy is without battery charge. When activity in the pool is detected the gateway alarm will not trigger if the gateway is not plugged in to an electrical wall outlet with the USB power adapter. The alert notification will not be sent to your connected devices if the gateway is not plugged in to an electrical wall outlet with the USB power adapter, if your home’s WI-FI network connection is not functional and if your device is without power.  

Can I permanently leave cFloat in my pool?

Yes, as long as the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The buoy does need to be charged at times.

Can I use cFloat on my hot tub?

Next season we will release the hot-tub specific cFloat version.

Can I use cFloat in my salt-water pool?

Yes. cFloat can be used in either chlorine or salt water pools.

Does the buoy need to be fully charged during setup?

Yes, preferably.

I've just received my cFloat. Why isn't the buoy's battery fully charged if the product is new?

The cFloat Buoy's battery has a nominal charge leaving the factory.

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