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I did not get my email verification?

Please check your email SPAM folder. If the cFloat email account verification isn't there, please repeat the setupprocess and make sure you provide a valid email address.

During system setup I did not select the GPS location option. I now want to activate the GPS location. How do I do that?

If you did not select the GPS location option during setup you will need to go to your smartphone's GPS (location) settings and allow the cFloat App access to your pool's location.

In 'Fun With cFloat', when I select START I get a warning "Please select an option".

Before you select START you need to choose if you want to play 'Cannonball' or 'Perfect Dive'.

The App 'Hangs' ... what can I do?

First Reset your App - Reset your phone or tablet.

If you have any difficulties in setting up your system, please contact us at so that we can schedule a call to help you complete it.

Helpful videos

Download the cFloat App and install the system


Where can get the App?

You can download the cFloat App from the iTunes store or Google Play.

How can I setup my account?

After downloading the cFloat App, the App will guide you through the account set up process.

Do I have to accept Terms & Conditions?


How do I create a cFloat account?

After downloading the cFloat app, the app will guide you through the setup account process.

Can I proceed with the system setup if the buoy is not fully charged?

You can but it is recommended to first fully charge the Buoy to avoid having to recharge the Buoy too quickly.

I don't know my pool's surface / volume. What do I do?

Provide an estimate of your pool's surface area (L x W).

What's my system name?

The name of your system is chosen by you. Please choose a name so that you can easily identify your pool/house. ex: familypool, summerhouse.

I do not know my pool's GPS location, what do I do?

During the setup account you have the option to allow the cFloat app to access your pool's GPS location. If you've rejected that option during the setup, now you need to go to your smartphone settings / GPS and allow the cFloat App to access you pool's location.

I've got a sucess message. Can I place my buoy in the pool?

Yes. While holding the cFloat Buoy in the water, wait for a few seconds until the colored ring on the buoy is aligned withthe water level in the pool. The buoy will fill with water and air will vacate the buoy.

What happens if there is no internet connection?

During setup, Wi-Fi for wireless access and system configuration is required. Once the cFloat Buoy and Gateway are successfully connected, they can communicate with each other without Wi-Fi. To receive notifications on paired devicesa functional Wi-Fi connection at your home is required.

Can another person use my account details to enter the cFloat app on another device?


How many devices can have access to the info provided by the cFloat system?

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be associated to the cFloat system.

How can I monitor the indoor measurements?

To switch between the indoor/outdoor measurements, please select the gateway/buoy icon respectively. You can also swipe the screen.

Where can I see the historical data?

Please select the chart icon on the bottom of the monitoring screen. You have the option see day, week, monthly historical data. You can scroll down to see all the graphichs. And you can switch between outdoor/indoor graphics by selecting the buoy/gateway icon.

How do I add/edit a notification?

On the app home screen, select settings / Notifications / add / select a measurment / select a value by rotating thegraphic circle / and select Less Than or higher than / select OK.

How do I play to measure the size of cannonballs? Or measure my diving skills?

Select 'Fun with cFloat' from your app home screen. After select one of the options, ‘Perfect Dive’ or ‘Cannonball’, and then START a countdown screen will be displayed. Then the swimmer, who wants to measure his skill, can dive into the pool after which the cFloat app will provide the respective skill rating.

Can I see values in Metric / Imperial?

Yes you can. You can change ‘Units’ to display measurements in either Metrics or Imperial format.

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