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The gateway does not seem to be receiving information/data from the buoy...

First Reset your App - Reset your phone (or tablet) - Reset cFloat.

The mobile device is not charging.

Check that the mobile device is correctly placed on top of the charger. The charger uses a coil with a diameter that is approximately the same size as the charger diameter. Please consult the user manual of the mobile device to guide you in the alignment process of the charger coil with the device coil.

The charger is beeping continuously.

Continuous beeping indicates that an error has occurred. Please remove the device from the charger for a few seconds and position it again on top of the charger. If the problem persists, the mobile device may not be Qi-compatible.

The charger beeps randomly.

Random beeping indicates that the temperature on the Qi charger has exceeded its limits and signals that the unit is being disconnected and will be reconnected automatically once it cools off. Be sure that the mobile unit is properlyaligned with the charger; a misalignment causes poor charging efficiency and, thus, excessive heat during thecharging process. Do not keep the mobile device on top of the charger for longer than what is required to charge your device in order to prevent excessive heating.

If you have any difficulties in setting up your system, please contact us at so that we can schedule a call to help you complete it.

Helpful videos

Place the cFloat Buoy in the pool

Stop the cFloat audible alarm

cFloat Gateway Qi-Charger


What is the maximum distance between the cFloat Buoy and the cFloat Gateway?

It is recommended that you choose a place for the gateway inside your home, no more than 300 feet from the swimming pool.

Which charger and which cable goes with the Buoy and the Gateway?

They are identical, they can be interchanged.

How do I stop the alarm sound?

Please touch with 2 fingers on the light of the gateway.

Please watch this video:

What happens if there is no internet connection?

During setup, Wi-Fi for wireless access and system configuration is required. Once the cFloat buoy and gateway are successfully connected, they can communicate with each other without Wi-Fi. To receive notifications on paired devicesa functional Wi-Fi connection at your home is required.

How is the connection between the cFloat Buoy and the gateway established?

The connection between the buoy and the gateway is made by radio communication. With the cFloat app it is possible to monitor the intensity of the radio signal.

How does cFloat measure the indoor air quality?

The cFloat Gateway is equipped with a digital gas sensor for monitoring indoor air quality. It can be used for detecting Ethanol (Alcohol) and hazardous gases such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) and a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), based on its Micro-hotplate technology. The cFloat app provides the result as an air quality level.

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